This is how it usually goes, a company or organization puts a whole bunch of thought and effort into making the perfect brochure, they get everything right and feel great about how their idea, product or service is being presented to the world, and then they put absolutely no thought into how the brochure is displayed. This is a big mistake.

Brochure holders are an essential way to make sure your brochure gets the attention it deserves. Simply laying them on a table is not effective. Investing in some quality brochure holders is a really easy way to store, display, and promote your bright idea.

1. With brochure holders, a little goes a long way

Brochure are often considered one of the most powerful and persuasive brand and selling tools available, so it is critical to keep them looking their best with practical and suitable holders. Luckily, you can find a wide variety of holders that look professional but are also durable and inexpensive. You want to find a practical holder that both highlights and protects your brochures.

Make sure you find a seamless design that can easily accommodate brochure being taken out and replaced repeatedly without damage.

2. Location, location, location

Once you’ve decided to invest in brochure holders, spend some time thinking about where the most effective place to display them will be before you head out to actually buy the holders. Although you certainly want your brochure to be noticed, you don’t want to create a situation where the brochure holder itself is negatively affecting the flow of foot traffic through the space.

Depending on your required storage needs, you might want to look for a display unit that swivels in place in order to make the most of the display surface and allow different points of access.

3. Be creative without losing sight of practicality

As more clients have expressed a desire for something different, brochure holders are now available in a range of colours, materials, and finishes. It is great that you have options which can reflect and enhance the look and feel of your space, or even communicate something additional to visitors about what they are likely to find inside of the brochure they are holding.

That being said, you do want to exercise some restraint when selecting the design of the holder, as you don’t want the display unit itself to steel attention away from the promotional material you’re trying to highlight. A metallic silver-grey, for example, will blend seamlessly into most environments while still looking refined and professional. Going with an understated yet classic design is usually going to be your best bet.

4. Think about versatility

Try to think about all the ways your brochure holder might be used down the road. Although you might only be thinking about your retail location for now, take into consideration whether you will need your brochures to travel with you at some point in the future. Are you going to want to display them at exhibitions and tradeshows? Or maybe in public sector buildings, coffee shops or hotels? You want to give yourself as much versatility as possible, so think about all the different locals in which you might want to display your brochures.

Consider whether or not you will always be sticking to the same format or if you might want your holder to be able to accommodate different sizes at some point in the future. Do you just need tri-folds? Or will half-holds and magazine style brochures possibly be a part of your marketing strategy in the future?

Once you have the holder, be sure to keep them stocked at all times! Nothing looks less inspiring than a half empty brochure holder. You can also play around with where you place the holders to see how clients respond.

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