In today’s fast-paced digital world you need to understand and be able to use all of the sales and marketing tools that are available to you. As someone who is starting a new business in Canada, you will probably want to hit the ground running. To get your business off the ground in style people are going to have to know that you exist. How do you do this? All you need is a well thought out sales and marketing strategy. Let’s explore the 8 different ways you can grow your new business:

1. Understand what sales and marketing are

Marketing includes the actions that you will need to take to get your business in front of the consumer. Examples include direct mail campaigns, online advertising, social media, public relations, and television or radio commercials. The sales part of the process is a direct point of transaction that will ultimately convert potential customers into paying customers.

2. Test, test, test

If you have found that your direct mailer campaigns are working well, then great! Now is the time to try and improve them with a new strategy. The same goes for any other channel that you are marketing your business through. Digital advertising can be one of the easiest ways to test out new marketing strategies as you are able to change creative very easily.

3. Make a modern website for your new business

Nowadays, people will always check out a business online before they purchase anything from it. If a potential customer is unable to find your website or the website does not look legitimate, then they are very unlikely to hand over their credit card information or hard earned cash.

4. Speak to an expert

If you are unsure of where to start when it comes to your sales and marketing efforts, you should make sure that you get the expert advice you need on how to start your own business and/or franchise. By leveraging the experience of someone who has been there many times before, you can skip a lot of the learning curve. There are certain legal guidelines you must know how to navigate, such as registering a business trademark, so speak to a lawyer or a specialist if you don’t feel comfortable in this area.

5. Don’t make the same mistake twice

If you make a misstep then the important thing is not to dwell on it, but learn from it. Every entrepreneur, no matter how dedicated or prodigiously talented, will face setbacks on the road. You need to stay positive and keep moving forward.

6. Don’t shy away from challenges

You are going to find that you are stepping well outside of your comfort zone. This may seem a little daunting, but you should not let this hold you back. If anything, you should embrace this side of things and really enjoy every moment as you repeatedly conquer each challenge that you’re presented with.

7. Celebrate every win

It’s important to take the time to acknowledge your victories as an entrepreneur, no matter how small. Whether it’s a sale, a contract or even a bit of good news, allow yourself a little celebration to validate your hard work. Celebrating has the powerful effect of creating a positive feeling you associate with your small business. The more victories you savour, the more you’ll be motivated to keep working hard.

8. Find a mentor as you start your own business

Being your own boss and not having to answer to anyone can be a real thrill. In fact it is something that you should be very proud of. It takes a great level of ambition to even consider this. If this is your first time in this role, then you may want to consider looking for a mentor so that you can bounce some ideas off them. You can also really benefit from the experience that they have.

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